Army of Me (2019)
Acrylic and Oil on Canvas Panel
12 x 16 inches


For commission work, freelance, sponsors, projects, or exhibition, contact me via email. Or, if you want to give a kind and quick hello, feel free to send a message! (Please include “Fine Art Inquiry” for fine art orientated projects and outreaching) ︎


Hello, world.
Meet Orchid, an artist based in the NYC/Newark area. She has received a plethora of support from working artists, while earning artistic opportunities within the community during her time in school, and believes in the fundamental importance of giving back to communities so everyone, especially later generations, have the proper resources for individualized success and well being.

Though opposed to the limiting nature of galleries, with her formal work she wishes to make places comforting and sincere to those that they help.

When she’s not working on personal art, Orchid enjoys pursuing story based works through the form of CydoniaOS, traveling through the city, or just anything to learn something new.


What are the motifs and ideas within your work?

The colors orchid and magenta are identical, but orchid is named after the color recurring in many flower species, and magenta is a name with no direct affiliation with the manufactured color. In using magenta, I illustrate a dichotomy of the distinguishable versus the concrete. Orchid exists in nature, and is recognized in science, and while magenta is producible and perceivable, it is not recognized as a color as it’s between red and violet, lying outside the visible light spectrum. Like magenta, orchid is impossible, I am impossible, and so are my experiences, and in being impossible, there is confusion and fear in seeking knowledge. As orchid is virtually magenta, I use myself as a muse both in color and self portraiture to extend on anomaly. Utilizing color, coupled with anatomical and botanical imagery, within my work I comment that not all is perceivable and explainable, something myself and others feel about our experiences and relationships. The depiction of forestry and garden settings is a symbol of yearning, while the depiction of human anatomy represents security. As the pieces transition from start to finish, from botany to anatomy, the portfolio illustrates human connection and communion not as a given resource, but being something requiring sacrificial devotion. The shifting contrast and hierarchy of these symbols with varying emphasis reveals a dynamic of vulnerability, ranging from confronting feelings of alienation and discomfort, to the vulnerability that comes with putting blind trust in anyone. Through my work I am able to develop an awareness of my relationships with others, and I hope my work encourages others to do the same.

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