What is CydoniaOS?

CydoniaOS is a collective of the story-based work I create, especially those obscurly based on my own life.Atlas’ Odyssey (AO) and Chestnut Creek (C²) are immersed in botanical setting and anatomical fascination while utilizing conceptual horror elements and gothic aesthetics. These stories take form as a mix of comics and animations. It’s also a pen name for any commercial/pop art done by me.

What is the etymology of CydoniaOS?

CydoniaOS is a combination of different letters of my first, middle, and last name, with the addition of my identifying initals at the end. Other than that, I felt a connection with the pseudonym Cydonia as I saw it reoccuring in places I related the most, such as metal, rock, and especially with the face on Mars, as I’ve always felt distant from my human counterparts, and moreso resonant with other lifeforms altogether.


For commission work, freelance, sponsors, projects, or exhibition, contact me via email. Or, if you want to give a kind and quick hello, feel free to send a message! (Please include “For CydoniaOS” as the title) ︎

Check out my social medias for consecutive updates, where you can be directly notified about my uploads. If you want to give a greeting, you’re always free to comment. ︎︎

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