Vanity (2020)

Based on a 2019 illustration with the same namesake, Vanity is an animated short film climaxing Andreas’ understanding of his codependency. 

Analysis of Vanity:
“Vanity, is a commentary on the duality of intimacy, and the thin line between emotional support and codependency. In seeking wants on behalf of those in
need and those who are in need yields to a spiral of danger, for the desire to be wanted is as harmful and dangerous as a toxic desire, as the motive is not out of wanting to help, but it’s in wanting to be wanted. People typically view helping others as a good thing, which it is,
but not when it blind sights the toxic nature of the relationship. If we continue to enable the wrongs of others in our ‘virtuous acts,’ we continue to further the vicious cycle of abuse and addiction.”

In the illustration, I conveyed a sense of longing and dramatization through contrast of values (reminiscent of chiaroscuro) and through semiotics. As I like the idea of using animation as an immersive and unlimited art medium, I refrain from the use of dialogue in order to expand on it universitility, which could pose difficulty with a topic such as this. Nonetheless, I am implimenting elements native to filmmaking such as background/scene design, sound design, and limiting colors and lighting, to translate that voiceless feeling from the still drawing to the animated medium. 

> Pre-Production + Planning

> Storyboards

> Backgrounds

> Character Designs